XERIS Ltd. is an independent european company, which in 2008, was enlarged to act as the parent company for Intbis, Tac-au-tac and European Locations - these three independent companies were brought under a single directorship. 10/01/2018 10:55

Intbis is an independent, wholey owned subsiduary of Xeris Ltd., specialising in Knowledge Based Systems, Risk Management consultancy and system development with offices in Oxford, Genova and Warsaw. Since its formation in 1990, Intbis has established a reputation for excellence in turning research results into innovative commercial technologies and has been awarded a number of major research and development contracts.

Tac-au-Tac specialises in teaching vocational contemporary dance classes for young people and in the production of professional dance and choreography, providing thorough technical training, improvisation, choreography and creative workshops. We have an interest in producing contemporary dance films and in collaborating with artists and musicians. We strongly believe in the giving young people the opportunity to learn in a highly professional environment.

Through Xeris Ltd., European Locations is a property company with houses and flats for long term occupation in England and short term holiday rentals in Europe. Xeris Property Management & Development delivers a professional service to internal and external clients. This includes strategic, portfolio and operational property management; aspects of valuation; agency; and development. Xeris's objective in managing the your property assets is to ensure that they are deployed and used efficiently and effectively - whether that is to support the delivery of services, or to generate income.

What do we do? Our main involvement with external customers is the management of our portfolio flats and houses. We can develop your property to standards required for tenancy and re-selling. manage you lettings. be available for any emergency repairs.

Xeris Ltd., 99 Wytham Street, Oxford OX1 4TN
tel : +44 (0)1865 251643
email : mickx@intbis.com
Registered in England, company number 4219502